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Nikki Hudak


"Writing is a privilege and a passion. It inspires me to live in my happiness and to share with others a piece of that joy. I hope to provide pockets of reality where readers can find their happy place away from the hustle and bustle of their lives. My stories always start out in this way: They are born as a daydream (my pocket reality) and grow into the stories I write. With that said, I hope you find joy in my musings. Happy reading!" - Nikki_Hudak_author 

Click below to travel through my daydreams (I mean stories). 

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Getting to Know Me

Writer, Artist, Human

My name is Nikki Hudak. My passion is writing. My dream is to share what I write.

For as long as I can remember, I have lived in the stories in my head. I used to daydream for hours, traveling all over the globe, throughout time and space, and more often than not, in fantasy realms. I regaled my friends for days on the tales I concocted. It was so exciting to discuss ideas, plots and story twists. Several of these stories made it to the page and live in my journals to this day. The best part of my youth was these stories and how they brought my friends and I together.

As an adult, daydreaming is now limited by time, but not altogether gone. I still fantasize worlds and epic tales in my spare time. All these thoughts turn into the stories that I love so much to write. My favorite genre is fantasy. Several of my works in progress can be found on Wattpad, under Nikki_Hudak or Kalina_Rose, my two user profiles. 

For more information about me and the life I lead, click below. 

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Maid for the Alpha

Feature Story

Never. Run.

Liz has never run from anything in her life.  Not from the dream of earning her college degree, not from the crap she takes as a maid for the upper-class, and not even from a huge snarling wolf.  But when it comes to Leland, she can't seem to get away fast enough.  Yet no matter how hard she tries, she just can't ignore the way he makes her feel.

Disciplined, dominant, and, dangerously sexy, Leland never has any problems with control.  Control over his own instincts, his community, his girlfriend, and especially over his darkest secrets. But when he meets the new maid, all that control begins to crumble.  The seemingly submissive Liz keeps showing him glimpses of her feisty spirit.   And he just can't get enough of her.

But it may not be the right time to indulge his passions.  Danger stalks Leland.  And it knows his secrets, searches for his weaknesses, hoping to find the critical chink in his armor to take him down.  With tension running high and so much at stake, Liz will either be his salvation or the key to his destruction.

*description co-written with @crichar5

© All Rights Reserved

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Wattpad Stories

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What is to Come

Projects in the Works

Only found on this website, take a sneak peak at projects that are still in the planning stages. Let me know what you think and have the opportunity to have your input make a difference.

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Do you want your story written?


One of my favorite stories to tell is how I met my husband. It's not a grand romance novel, nor a cute romantic comedy - and I'm sure no one would offer to make a movie about it, but it's our story and it's special to me and my family. 

Your love story is equally special - whether it's just a sweet moment or funny tale, it is uniquely yours. I would love the opportunity to put into written word the story that you and your partner long to share.

If your interest is peaked, click below to learn more.

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