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Find Your Happy Place

Please feel free to peruse my works currently found on Wattpad. Which ones will capture your interest? Will you find your pocket reality to escape to?  Take a look and find out.


Maid for the Alpha

Found on Wattpad

Never. Run.

Liz has never run from anything in her life.  Not from the dream of earning her college degree, not from the crap she takes as a maid for the upper-class, and not even from a huge snarling wolf.  But when it comes to Leland, she can't seem to get away fast enough.  Yet no matter how hard she tries, she just can't ignore the way he makes her feel.

Disciplined, dominant, and, dangerously sexy, Leland never has any problems with control.  Control over his own instincts, his community, his girlfriend, and especially over his darkest secrets. But when he meets the new maid, all that control begins to crumble.  The seemingly submissive Liz keeps showing him glimpses of her feisty spirit.   And he just can't get enough of her.

But it may not be the right time to indulge his passions.  Danger stalks Leland.  And it knows his secrets, searches for his weaknesses, hoping to find the critical chink in his armor to take him down.  With tension running high and so much at stake, Liz will either be his salvation or the key to his destruction.

*description co-written with @crichar5

© All Rights Reserved

My Shadow's Mark

Found on Wattpad

The day I turned twenty-one, my entire life got thrown off its axis.  I did a stupid, stupid thing.  I tried to be a hero and ended up running head-long into the dark underground world where the things that go bump-in-the-night weren’t imaginary anymore. 

So here I am now, both a heroin and a victim, caught up in an ancient curse, and being followed by a living shadow of death.  My shadow.  Both haunting and handsome, a dream and a nightmare rolled into one.  There’s nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.  The sad part is; I’m not sure if I want to.



Found on Wattpad

Mara (Xiamara) stands out, and she likes it that way. But she doesn’t exactly belong. After being chosen for the Human-Supranatural Integration Program, Mara thinks she just might find a place she could fit into. But she soon finds out that the world she dreamed about isn’t that much different after all. And after meeting the mysterious supranatural outcast, Tyson, she begins to question everything she thought she knew about her world and herself.

Taking place in a post-war society where Supranatural beings live in Reservations, created to keep them separate from Human society, the Human government attempts to heal the wounds left by the Great War through a social experiment involving high school students. With the cooperation of the Supranatural leaders, an integration program is created where a limited number of chosen teenagers will partake in an education exchange: Humans attending a Supranatural school and vice versa.

For a sneak peak at additional projects in the works (not found on any other sites besides this one), click below.

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