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Maid for the Alpha

Behind the Scenes (A Wattpad Story)

This project started back in 2015 as an experiment. I wanted to try my hand at writing romance. Of course I could not stay away from fantasy, and with what I like to think of as a healthy obsession with werewolves, Maid for the Alpha was born.

I certainly did not expect this story to take off as it has. On Wattpad I have two user profiles, Nikki_Hudak and Kalina_Rose (link below), and was juggling between 5 to 7 stories at that time. As Maid for the Alpha's reads and votes increased, I realized that it was a story worth more of my focus.

This is still a work in progress, which provides a uniquie opportunity for readers to have an impact on how the story is written and ultimately edited. Your input matters. I appreciate every comment and critique.

If you're interest is peaked, then click below and let me know what you think. I look forward to your thoughts.

Maid for the Alpha: About
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