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Upcoming Projects

Each of these projects are currently in the planning stages*. You have the unique opportunity to let me know what you think, what you like, and what you don't like (click on "Contact Me" below).

Or you can simply enjoy the fact that you are getting a preview of projects yet to come.

*Note: there is no estimated time line for any of these projects at this time. Your patience and support are greatly appreciated. 

The unfortunately required Disclaimer: All ideas herein are the intellectual property of Nikki Hudak, aka Nikki_Hudak, aka Nikki_Hudak_author, aka Kalina Rose, aka Kalina_Rose_author, aka Kalina_Rose, aka Nikolina Hudak. Your honest appreciation, comments, and critiques are appreciated; however, sharing these ideas outside the realm of this website by anyone other than the author (me), plagiarism, stealing of ideas, concepts, exact titles, etc., or otherwise theft of these stories is strictly prohibited.

Your anticipated cooperation is greatly appreciated.


She Liked Chocolate

Two young women are running from their pain. One from the present. One from the past. They meet in the forest. The forest that is magic. It is the center of the soul, where all hurt and pain go to be healed. It won't be easy, but at least they will have each other. 

Stay tuned for progress updates.


Patti, the Paralegal to the Paranormal

When Patti was hired by a law firm, she had no idea she was selling her soul to a demon attorney for 500 years and that retirement meant she could finally rest in peace. Her eidetic (photographic) memory has made her a key employee to assist with the various cases handled for the underground beings that live among humans. It's up to Patti to ensure they win each case, no matter what. Lucky for them, Patti has everything under control. Or does she?

Stay tuned for progress updates.

To send me your thoughts/comments, please use the story title as your subject line.

Upcoming Projects: Work
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